Sustainable Fashion

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The Clothes Mentor Difference

At Clothes Mentor, we believe in sustainable clothing and supporting our local communities with low carbon footprint shopping. You are able to express yourself with a lifestyle that cares for the environment while having easy access to the most popular women’s brands. Shopping Clothes Mentor lowers your carbon footprint by giving clothing items a second life. The Clothes Mentor brand helps preserve water, reduces chemical pollution and keeps clothing out of landfills.  If you buy new and are no longer wearing that fabulous jacket, shoes, jewelry or other amazing item – sell it to our stores and reduce your fashion footprint. 

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Reducing Fashions Environmental Impact

Since 2006, Clothes Mentor has been the leader in Women’s resale providing customers with sustainable fashions and the option to sell their gently loved fashion items. Our brand’s concept of buying and selling gently used name-brand and designer clothing, shoes and accessories resonates with women in so many different communities nationwide. Clothes Mentor opens the door to sustainability within communities as well as online. 

 Clothes Mentor Sustainability Stats

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